14 - 16 March 2023 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Vacuum Systems for Pipeline Drying


Pneumofore vacuum systems designed for the drying of pipelines are exceeding expectations in terms of drying process duration. With 75kW, one single stage rotary vane vacuum pump model UV50 evacuates 214kg/h of water vapour with the capacity of 3240m³/h and leaves no further power supply requirements.

The minimal space needed for such a Pneumofore vacuum system makes the solution very attractive for the installment on containers or vessels, off or on-shore. Additional vacuum stages can be added to the backing pump, depending on the final dew point. A double stage system achieves -48°C dew point, which corresponds to 0.05mbar(a). The capacity of these air-cooled systems depends on the size of the backing pump and further pump stages. The systems with larger capacity offer a shorter drying time.