StocExpo Conference Presentations

Thank you for your interest in the StocExpo 2020 Conference. We have made the presentations available from the speakers who are happy to share them with you. Thank you for your support, and we hope you find this useful.

Chair of the conference

Arend van Campen MA,
Tank Terminal Training

The future of sustainable transport & EU’s Energy Policy

Artur Runge-Metzger, Director, DG CLIMA, European Commission

Growth of LNG and its future role in the energy mix

Wim Groenendijk,
Managing Director,
Gate Terminal

The need for power storage, alternatives for carbon reduction and how this might impact on traditional storage installations

Charles Daly, Chairman, Channoil

A unique approach to terminal sustainability

Rian Vermeulen, Sr Advisor, BRO

Trade Wars, Climate Regulations and Great Power Rivalry: Energy Markets in a World Rearranging

Samuel Ciszuk, Founding Partner, ELS

Terminal legislation compliance & the legal implications of PGS29

Maayke Maas-Cooymans, Partner, Ploum

I-IoT equals smarter sites - a TWTG & Vopak success story

Nadine Herrwerth, Commercial Director, TWTG

The paradox of control and operation - the key to safe and efficient operations

Andy Brazier, Chemincal Engineer, EEMUA

Energy Transition and the Long Term Outlook for Bulk Liquid Storage in Europe

Stephen Li, Director in Oil Markets, IHS Markit

Latest IMO-related developments on refining economics and trade flows

Eugene Lindell, Senior Crude Market Analyst, JBC Energy

Ultrasonic technology devices to prevent tank overfills, unintended roof off-floats, and determining transmix in pipelines

Earl Crochet, Director of Engineering, Kinder Morgan

Regulatory update

Ravi Bhatiani, Executive Director, FETSA

Hydrogen – future demand & impact on the storage industry

Daniel Teichmann, Chairman, Hydrogenious

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