Emergency Planning & Response.

Preparedness to deal with potential incidents at a site where hazardous goods are being stored is crucial to the survival of a tank farm. A whole range of dangers can pose a threat to storage terminals, including terrorism, lightning, fire, cybersecurity breaches, hurricanes, tank overflow or earthquakes, to name a few.

How the incident is dealt with can have massive repercussions on the employees’ safety, the company’s reputation and the terminal’s bottom line.

Next year’s StocExpo in Antwerp will have a special focus to help ensure terminals are prepared for any potential disaster or emergency. The Emergency Planning & Response Zone will help HSE managers learn about emergency response planning, and find the latest the techniques designed to keep their terminal safe & secure.



Cyber security.

Terrorism/ security.

Oil spill response.

Crisis management.

Hurricane preparedness.



Lightning protection.

Fire prevention.

Overfill prevention.

Training bodies.

What to expect.

Conference Topics.

  • Emergency planning considerations
  • Best practices in fire fighting
  • The aftermath: managing the public & the media
  • Coordinating a major incident response
  • Ensuring your terminal has the adequate insurance
  • Cybersecurity incidents: lessons learnt

Session 1.

Using lessons learnt to prevent major incidents.

Session 2.

Major incident response.

  • Lessons learnt from major incident
  • Working effectively with the emergency services
  • Emergency response planning

Carl Daniels MBE, Deputy Senior Responsible Officer, JESIP

Session 3.

Best practice for tank terminal insurance.

  • Lessons learnt from industry losses

Nigel Cairns, Senior Risk Engineer, Aon Global Risk Consulting

Session 4.

Best practices in fire protection & response.

Session 5.

Managing cybersecurity threats at the terminal.

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