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Standard Shell Scheme Stand


9sqm Lighting Package

18sqm Lighting Package

3 x Spotlights

6 x Spotlights

Premium Shell Scheme Stand

  • Walling: White lightweight panels 3.2mm thick measuring 2400mm x 954mm framed in 40mm x 40mm rectangular poles and 40mm x 40mm beams making a total height of 2500mm.
  • Fascia: Fascia’s consist of two 40mm x 40mm rectangular beams with infill metal perforated sheets. Fascia panels are provided on each open side supported by aluminium posts and at mid points where necessary. The largest single span between support posts is 5 meters.
  • Name board: Company name and stand number, in English. Full colour graphic logos can be ordered online using your My Easyfairs
  • Carpet: Grey carpet is included as standard; if you require a different colour this can be ordered online using your My Easyfairs
  • Electrics: one 1kw socket is included. If you require more power this can be ordered online using your My Easyfairs

 Premium stands will include all the items mentioned above. plus, the following: two 3m high panels and 1 sqm storage area (2 sqm storage area for 18 sqm stands and over).


Space Only Stands Requirements

Friday 31st January 2025

You must send all The Following Customer Space Only Stand documents to

·       Contractor Contact Details

·       Detailed Stand plans, including all measurements/dimensions  

·       Risk Assessment

·       Method Statement

·       Type of Flooring you will be using

·       Electrical Plans

·       Rigging Plans, if applicable

·       Water Plans, if applicable. A raised floor will be mandatory

·        Construction Phase Plan

·        A copy of the stand contractor’s Public Liability Insurance Certificate

Please note that all stands with raised flooring require a ramp and all storage areas must have a vision panel. If you have not booked a shell scheme stand it is your responsibility to design and construct your own stand – you will receive no items from the Organisers (remember to order your carpet/ flooring and electrics for the area).

Both the exhibitor and contractor are responsible for dismantling and removing the stand structure, in accordance with the stipulated timing on Exhibition Schedule. All debris and carpets must be cleared by the exhibitors and/or their contractor by the time stated. Failure to do so may result in the exhibitors and/or their contractors being liable for service fees incurred.

The contractor must submit all plans before the deadline for approval by Ops Squad This includes detailed drawings of elevations, layout and perspective with dimensions illustrating the design on the stand. Locations of all equipment/machinery on display must be included on the layout. Any booths with coverage ceilings or double story designs will require special approval by the relevant authorities.

The overall height should not exceed 6000mm – unless your technical plans have been agreed by the Operations team; technical drawings with dimensions, a full risk assessment and a method statement must be submitted and approved, otherwise build will not be permitted – by Friday 31st January 2025. 

Things to consider:

  • A minimum of 50% of each open side of the stand is to remain open
  • On divided sites it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to erect and decorate any back wall facing other stand areas, up to the height you are building
  • You are not permitted to build over 6000mm
  • Space only stands building over 2500mm should decorate both the front and the back of the panels – no advertising materials must be displayed onto neighbouring stands
  • All construction and displays must be made from fireproofed materials and installed to the satisfaction of the authorities – please refer to the sections on SAFETY REGULATIONS and STAND ASSEMBLY AND DISMANTLING when drawing up your plans.
  • All types of demonstrations (e.g., the operation of machines, video and film shows etc.) require advance notification and the written consent of the Operations team. The Operations team is entitled to restrict or prohibit such demonstrations, even if consent has previously been given, if they interfere with the Exhibition. Acoustic advertising also requires authorisation and must not disturb any neighbouring Exhibitors. Musical reproduction by means of radio, tape recorder or CD requires written approval. In accordance with national copyright regulations Exhibitors must obtain permission prior to the beginning of the Exhibition.
  • If water is ordered, a raised floor will be mandatory.
  • If you plan to have a raised floor, a ramp will be mandatory once your raised floor is elevated to at least 50mm, the width of the ramp has to be of minimum 800mm. 1 ramp is required for every 25sqm, please be aware that ramps will not be allowed outside of the stand area and will not be allowed to go on the aisle.

Rigging: prior permission from the Operations team is required for all rigging requirements.

Piped Services: Easyfairs provide all compressed air, cold water and waste services. Please contact

Floor loadings: The exhibition hall has a limited floor loading of 20 tons/sqm. 

Cleaning: Shell scheme stands will be cleaned on the first day before show opening. If you want cleaning for day 2 you can order it on your My Easyfairs account. Space Only stands will not be cleaned, unless booked in advance.

Waste: Exhibitors must put all garbage in plastic bags in the large waste containers provided by the venue at the end of each set-up or move-in day or move-out day, as applicable Please note that a charge will be levied to those Exhibitors who leave bulky items or an excess of rubbish. If you expect to create a large amount of waste through stand construction, etc. please contact the operations team to arrange the clearance of this.

Additional items such as furniture, lights, power, graphics, alternative carpet, extra stand fittings, etc. can be ordered through your ‘MyEasyfairs’ account.

Please remember that Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused to buildings, floors, walls, and columns or to the shell scheme panels. Exhibitors may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesives or coating to the building, columns or floors. No bills, signs, floor coverings or other articles should be pasted, nailed, taped or otherwise attached to the walls, floors, ceilings, columns, partitions, or trim. Panels cannot be painted.

STAND GRID PLAN: Please complete the Grid Plan to show where on your stand you would like your power socket(s), spotlights, and any additional items you order (e.g., shelving).

If we do not receive a Grid Plan from you, the Contractors will position these items where they see fit and you may be charged to move them onsite.

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For additions to your stand please contact our suppliers
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Contact the team.

Contact the team.

The StocExpo team are always on hand and happy to help with any questions you may have in regards to visiting, exhibiting and speaking at the event.
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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

This is a legal requirement. Every exhibiting company must complete a Risk Assessment for their stand and complete and the Health & Safety Declaration form.
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Home Page

Taking the time to read through now, will ensure that you are well prepared for the event and enable you to make the most out of your time onsite.
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Show Info

Show Information

Please ensure that your contractors are aware of these times and plan accordingly to these working hours.
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Complete the Exhibitor forms Health & safety, Risk assessment & Grid plan
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Show Schedule

Show Schedule

It is also important to ensure that you are familiar with all show and venue regulations
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Your Stand Package

Your Stand

The StocExpo team are always on hand and happy to help with any questions you may have in regards to visiting, exhibiting and speaking at the event.
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