Quarantine Diaries with David Kelly

David Kelly shares his life under lockdown in Madrid, Spain. You know David from Tank Storage Magazine and StocExpo. He has been with Tank Storage Magazine for the past 10 years.

What are your top tips for staying home?

Well this is a tricky question, if you are allowed and the weather permits try and go out for exercise daily. Also try and stick to a routine as much as possible but also take 15 minutes out sometimes to break the monotony of working at a home desk. Video chat and drinks with friends and family is really important. If you feel you need to get away from your laptop, just do it for 10 minutes.

How are you helping the community?

Being in Madrid, which was hit very hard, the best way to help the community is by adhering to the lockdown laws!

Are you doing any exercise?

We were finally allowed outside to exercise in Spain last week, so I have been (trying) to run and having long walks in our set window which is after 8pm. Also I have been playing in open spaces with my daughter. Before we were allowed out, I used “Barry’s Bootcamp” on Instagram which is 30 minutes of circuit training and very intense.

What have you been baking?

I never bake, I don’t really eat cakes. I have made a couple of homemade curries to remind me of the UK, I also tried to make some Pisto but it wasn’t great…

What are you currently watching?

Curb Your Enthusiasm (for comedy) Gomorra (for crime drama) and The Last Dance (for a sporting documentary)

What are you reading?

Tank Storage Magazine of course!😉 and I just finished The Tattooist of Auschwitz

What are you most looking forward to?

Being able to travel 1km away from my apartment, watching football in the pub with my friends and visiting Parque de Retiro in the sunshine with my daughter

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