Forty Under 40.

Introducing the next generation of tank storage leaders.

The Tank Storage Forty Under 40 campaign showcases the rising stars of the tank terminal industry. The StocExpo 2023 Forty Under 40 recognises both those with the greatest potential to become industry leaders in the future and those who have achieved greatness already in the tank storage and future fuels industry.

All of our Forty Under 40 will be publicly recognised for their achievement at the Tank Storage Awards. Check out our 2022 winners below!

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Caitlin Geisinger.

Business Development Manager, Burns & McDonnell Engineering

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity not a threat.”

Caitlin has a passion for the storage and logistics industry. Over the years, she has excellently supported many terminal and logistics projects.

Eric Vautrin.

Chief du Service Exploitation Depots, Petroliers de Fos

“Regardless of job title or duties attention to detail is paramount in our industry.”

Eric superbly manages operations for France’s largest depot for refined products.

Jelle Swanenberg.

COO, Smartflow

“My role is not to get people to follow me but to empower people to take the lead!”

Jelle is helping Smartflow to change the world for tank storage by making terminal operations paperless, driving the future now.

Josefien Groot.

Co-founder and CEO, Qlayers B.V.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.”

Josefien has led the way in developing the 10Q robot, the industry’s first automated paint robot that coats storage tanks faster and more reliably than any method.

Luke Robbins.

Commercial Director, North West Europe, Exolum

“Say yes to and get involved in as many different opportunities as you can.”

Luke excellently manages commercial matters. He has successfully renegotiated all legacy government system contracts and has agreed multiple 10-15 year agreements.

Niels de Leng.

Business Developer, Social Brothers

'Bringing digital innovation into the Maritime world by combining the knowledge from new and 'old' industries.”

Niels is known for his social network skills and combines this with his knowledge & expertise from various sectors like the liquid bulk storage sector.

Praneel Lal.

Marketing Manager, FUELCHIEF

“The path to personal achievement is different for everyone, no path is straight and no path is without its cracks.”

With a non-industry background, Praneel has skilfully adapted to helping to put a small tank storage company in New Zealand on the global map.

Paul Ramsey.

Senior Project Engineer, Oiltanking North America

"Change is a constant, embrace it with a positive mindset"

An individual with a passion for Project Management which drives continuous learning, improvement, and introspection.

Roy Bitrus.

Sales Director, Tenzor GEO Ltd

“To build lasting relationships in business and life, you have to show a bit more care, even in the midst of rejections never stop.”

Roy has successfully set-up a number of companies, using his entrepreneurial spirit to become a big name within the sector.

Tawfik Mohamed.

COO at Arise Global Pte

Tawfik has been instrumental in opening up markets for Arise Global in the Middle East and North Africa. Thanks to Tawfik, the organisation is now a preferred vendor for oil and gas majors in the regions.

Khalid Saleh.

Sustainability Manager, Vopak

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door".

Khalid has contributed enormously to the sustainable transformation of the business. His achievements include working on one of the largest ground mounted solar parks in the Netherlands.

Robert Keeler.

Regional Sales Manager, Carbis Loadtec

Do one thing at a time,
Know the problem,
Ask questions,
Distinguish sense from nonsense,
Accept change as inevitable,
Admit mistakes,
Say it simple.

Bonita Botha.

General Manager, Orca Fuels

"Great leaders don't set out to be a leader...they set out to make a difference. It's never about the role and always about the goal."

Bonita has a passion for protecting the environment, implementing innovative fuel storage solutions.

Joana Hajnaj.

Managing Director, Geschäftsführung

“We don’t let setbacks define our identity, we embrace them and let failure drive the origination of better ideas.”

Joanna is relentlessly committed to reducing emissions at tank farms and refineries. In a male dominated industry, she is an inspiring figure.

Ayca Rodop.

Head of Market Research at Vortexa

Ayca was the driving force at Vortexa as the organisation helped to capture and share market leading indicators around floating storage for all products when Covid hit. This had a huge impact on market dynamics.

Jorick van Gorp.

Owner - Director, Oranjeberg B.V.

“Never sell anything you can’t deliver.”

Jorick is one of the most exciting, disruptive minds in the oil tank industry.

Lewis Boxer.

Technical Director at Advanced 3D Laser Solutions

Lewis is constantly working on innovative ideas to help improve business and support others. He is especially leading the way when it comes to thinking about AI and machine learning to drive efficiencies.

Nikky Hameister.

Terminal Manager, Canal Terminal

“Knowledge is power & it is crucial to be vulnerable, courageous, and to find comfort in the uncomfortable!”

Nikky has instituted policy changes that have massively streamlined matters for the business. Her leadership is second to none.

Robert Oloyede.

(MBA, B.Engr, R. Engr, MNSE, IMC) Group Executive Director (Operations), Divcon Group Inc.

“...passion for excellence”

Robert constantly seeks positive changes, impacts and ways of improving the landscape within project management ambients.

Joost Peters.

Product Owner at TWTG

“I love it when the team can create that vibe, so that everyone is in sync to deliver a product .”

Joost is the product owner for the NEON product line. He is responsible for each of the NEON products from its inception, often in conversations with customers, through development, certification, and manufacturing.

John Tillema.


“We founded TWTG because we wanted to never work on anything boring, here we are: every day is different.”

John’s knowledge and expertise is revolutionising the industry. He’s dedicated, hard-working and incredibly innovative.

Riza Altunergil.


“We founded TWTG because we wanted to never work on anything boring, here we are: every day is different.”

John’s knowledge and expertise is revolutionising the industry. He’s dedicated, hard-working and incredibly innovative.

Stuart Kenny.

General Manager of the Silverwing Product Line, Eddyfi Technologies

“The solution can often be the most simple choice”

Stuart has been involved in Non Destructive Technology for 18 years and specialises in advanced ultrasonic applications and automated solutions.

Fintan Duffy.

Managing Director, Re-Gen Robotics

"The safe way is the best way"

Fintan has a meticulous eye for detail and a fearless self-belief. He is instrumental in driving his company forward and is at the forefront of every new innovation.

Carsten Schreiber.

Regional Manager, North, HPI ANDT

“Service providers should try to work with the customer instead of just for them.”

Carsten is leading the way in his new company. Its customer base is constantly expanding and already includes the largest players in German oil refineries.

Herve Yimgna Mengouo.

Development Manager, Petroleum Certification Consulting

“We lead and cultivate next level generation in storage tank construction.”

Hervé has established himself to become one the leading figures in tank storage in Cameroon.

Amin Hassan Zadeh.

Chief Executive Officer at ChemBitumen

Amin is motivated to supply and package various grades of important bitumen and petroleum products.

Kartik Gala.

CEO, Woodfield Systems International

“Dream big, think fast and act on it.”

Under Kartik’s leadership, WSI has impressively spread its wings to more than 40 counties, with manufacturing facilities in the US and India.

Michael Rosenkilde Lind.

Commercial Manager - Port of Aalborg

“Continuously focus on increasing knowledge and cooperation, positively effects long term relations and sales.”

Michael is adept at upgrading terminals. He recently led a full refurbishment and renovation of an old unused power plant for oil storage.

Olley Scholer.

VP of Technical Development, HJ3 Composite Technologies

“Building Stronger Bonds”

Olley is a leading industry figure when it comes to researching and developing non-metallic repair systems.

Ravi Bhatiani.

Executive Director, FETSA

“Resilience, talent and personality always succeed in the end.”

Ravi is excelling in working on tank storage sector policy, adeptly engaging with the EU and international bodies in Brussels.

Sebastian van Kemp.

Innovation Manager at Access Technology Group

Sebastian has continually led and pushed for breakthrough innovations in the space of high risk, confined space and health and safety solutions. He expertly brings together technology partners from around the globe.

Sobia Shoaib.

Business Development Executive at SFSA Consultant

Sobia is incredibly innovative and has a great track record at bringing in business opportunities for the organisation.

Syed Daniyal.

Syed Daniyal Hasan, Assistant Operational Planner, HTL-vtti

"Every problem has a solution. One just needs to be creative enough to find it."

Syed has led the way at optimising sage and smooth operations at HTL-vtti.

Stephanos Christophides.

Terminal Manager, Petrolina - PPT - Vassilikos Terminal

"Metron Ariston" (all things in good measure).

Stephanos has been a successful Terminal Manager for the last 8 years, pulling the strings at Vassilikos Terminal.

Aneesh Lie.

Superintendent at Superior Tank and Pipe Group

Aneesh started his career in the mining industry and has worked his way up in the oil and gas industry to become a leading figure.

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