Nuria Blasco

“I don’t even remember when I started to be attracted by the industry, factories and engineering. I was raised in Tarragona, the largest chemical hub in the Mediterranean, which has an important industrial port. I do remember being on the beach with my father, looking at the ships waiting to enter the port. As a child, I loved the night-time view of the refinery with its thousands of twinkling lights and I always wondered what the people working there did.

The tank storage industry is unique in what it offers us. The facilities are mainly located in port areas, meaning open spaces, the sea, and hectic activity. It is a highly specialised industry so it means you stay in touch with new cutting-edge technology, new requirements and high standards. It is a critical industry for our customers, so they pressure us to deliver our best. It is an industry that handles dangerous goods and that means we must remain very conscious of the risks.


In our business, safety and a holistic respect for the environment – and here I mean not just the traditional aspects of quality, health, security and environmental protection but also respect for current and future customers, co-workers, suppliers and the communities in which we are located – is paramount.

Handling dangerous goods is predominantly about taking care of our customers’ products while controlling their risks: safety comes first, without a doubt. But sustainability is also becoming essential for long-term businesses alike tank storage: we must minimise our environmental impact while reducing our energy consumption. This challenge means we have to be lean and sustainable in our organisational and our financial structures.


At Tepsa we say

 “Leading for results through people”. This shows our dedication to our team as: they are the ones who we rely on to handle the products with care, efficiency and passion. This industry also throws constant new challenges at us, which inspires you to get out of bed in the morning! The company is currently adapting to the arrival of RUBIS TERMINAL and we are fully confident about their ability to accelerate the development of TEPSA’s assets and provide new opportunities to the group, with utmost respect for its corporate values, employees and stakeholders. This outcome is, without doubt, the result of the strong commitment and dedicated work of all our staff, who participate actively to make TEPSA what it is today: a landmark company in the market and an exciting place to work!”

Nuria Blasco_TEPSA's GM

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