Joanna Hajnaj

The inspiration to work in the tank storage sector came through a flurry of global climate issues and challenges that have been around in the energy storage industry for decades. Environmental damage has propagated exponentially within the last few decades, and increased environmental regulations pushing to reduce emissions within the global energy storage sector has fuelled growth of our company. I have always been passionate to reduce environmental damage through our contribution of implementing efficient and affordable technological solutions.

What excites me about our industry is the constant exchange of information and ideas with innovative minds, regulators, operators, executives and scientists – typically, commercial environments aren’t normally conducive to effective collaboration between these groups, however the shared goal of the protection of our environment has, in my experience, fuelled innovation. I haven’t been able to meet with climate activist’s yet, but I certainly encourage a diverse and transparent dialogue with various opinions and views.

Transparency is the key to forming a better understanding about the energy industry’s challenges and to develop realistic steps we can all take to fulfil our mutual responsibility to protect our environment.

Social media has undoubtedly played a big role in helping to blur, and in some cases even break down, the communication barriers between various organisations and the public’s concerns. BP’s CEO Bernard Looney, whom I’ve had the honour to meet at last year’s IP week in London, is an excellent example for this forward-thinking leadership style, and it encourages women like me to feel accepted in this industry, independently of my age or gender.

Furthermore, what really matters is what we can all actively contribute, with our unique set of talents and skills. The more creative and energetic people-power the better – we do need a well-balanced representation of enigmatic professionals in the storage tank industry – one that in my mind has been underrepresented in its contribution to the greater environmental concern.

It’s our collective duty and responsibility to engage and provide solutions to a wider global issue, independently of our age, gender, ethnicity or background. Our cumulative and diverse effort to mitigate environmental risks is what the tank storage industry needs more than ever, and I am absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity as a woman to actively participate and engage in this global mission.

Joanna Hajnaj

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