Whitney Helbers

My name is Whitney Helbers, let me introduce myself. I am currently working as a Sales Manager for Wiko Isolatietechniek & Steigerbouw, a Dutch family company.

My career in the industry started 16 years ago with insulation and added scaffolding a few years ago. I have had a passion for industry and technology from an early age and I therefore feel very much at home in this world. This industry is male dominated with a range of different nationalities that, as a woman, you have to stand up to. However, as a woman it can be a very nice addition and challenging as well. No two days are the same. One day fully-dressed in high heels, the next day with boots in the mud!

I am often involved in projects from the start of the application to final acceptance and completion of the work. The work takes place at tank terminals and production installations, chemical and petrochemical factories, in the food industry, drilling platforms, ships etc where maintenance, renovation and modifications have to be carried out.

At Wiko we have different disciplines in our package; insulation, scaffolding, tracing and rope access. Each discipline has its own approach and we ensure that all our activities are planned and carried out as well and safely as possible. For us, safety is top priority when it comes to business operations. My colleagues must be reunited with their family in the evening, satisfied and without injury. 

My challenge at this moment is to unburden the customers as much as possible, within the agreements that have been made, to inform them concisely and according to their needs and to carry out the work 100% safely together with the Wiko family.

Whitney Helbers

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