Sam Reid.

CEO & President, Dearman Systems

Sam Reid serves as CEO and President of Dearman Systems, LLC. Trusted across the globe, Dearman is a terminal automation and enterprise management software provider with 30+ years of experience in the bulk liquid storage industry. Dearman has terminal automation software deployed across 250+ terminals on 3 continents and 20+ customers trust Dearman to centrally manage their terminal data.

Prior to Dearman, Sam served as Head of Growth at Workyard, a Silicon Valley based staffing and human resources technology platform for the construction industry. During his time at Workyard, the company raised over $6 million from venture capital firms including MHS Capital and Blackbird Ventures. At Workyard, Sam was instrumental in creating, implementing, and running the sales and marketing strategies.

Prior to Workyard, Sam worked at another Silicon Valley based company called Swiftype, which sold to Elastic in late 2017. Swiftype is a website and enterprise search company built on Elasticsearch and delivered as SaaS to companies including AT&T, Lyft, Samsung, and BMW.

Sam holds a BA from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN where he majored in Economics.

Sam Reid