Denbury agrees to CO2 transport

Denbury, an independent energy company, has announced that its subsidiary, Denbury Carbon Solutions, has executed a CO2 services agreement with clean hydrogen chain developer, Clean Hydrogen Works.

Denbury will transport and sequester CO2 captured from Clean Hydrogen’s planned hydrogen-ammonia complex in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, US, which is anticipated to be built less than two miles from Denbury’s existing CO2 pipeline network.

The planned clean hydrogen-ammonia complex, Ascension Clean Energy (ACE), is expected to include two world-scale ammonia blocks with estimated ammonia production totalling 6.5 million tonnes  of ammonia per year.

Chris Kendall, CEO of Denbury says: ‘We are excited to work with Clean Hydrogen Works and the State of Louisiana on this important clean energy project that aligns with our mission to sustainably deliver energy that the world needs. Our existing CO2 pipeline infrastructure along the Gulf Coast, […] is perfectly situated to handle the CO2 emissions from this massive project and to ensure that the carbon captured is safely transported and secured in underground storage.’


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