100% FAME biodiesel pilot success

Dutch maritime logistics company, VT Group (Verenigde Tankrederij BV), has joined forces with FinCo Group, independent supplier of sustainable energy solutions, to make an ambitious contribution to reducing CO2 in the inland navigation sector.

Over the past nine months, a pilot with 100% FAME has been carried out on VT Group’s ship, MTS Vlissingen. FAME is a very accessible biodiesel produced from animal and vegetable residues or used cooking oil that can be used with minimal modifications and delivers a CO2 reduction of up to 89%.

For the pilot, VT Group, in consultation with FinCo, adjusted the conditioning of the fuel supply system on the ship. FinCo then supplied the required 100% FAME, which was partly purchased from Argent Energy.

Claudia Beumer at VT Group says: ‘We are satisfied. Even in this pilot setup at the ‘MTS Vlissingen’ no technically insoluble situations have occurred FAME is a beautiful biodiesel that, with minimal technical adjustments, can be used directly in inland shipping. VT now wants to use FAME structurally as biodiesel and work towards greening the VT fleet, together with FinCo.’

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Source: www.tankstoragemag.com

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