Elsont Tankservice GmbH

Elsont Tankservice GmbH

About us.

For more than 30 years, ELSONT has been supplying the oil industry. Decades of expert knowledge and continued contact to operators of tank farms and refineries gives ELSONT the edge over competitors and gain new clients.

Based on over 20 years of installation and maintenance experience, ELSONT’s specialised range of equipment is being installed in refineries all over the world.

ELSONT is ISO 9001:2000 and SCC** and EN1090 certified, and all products are manufactured to strict quality standards. Manufacturing of our products is based in modern facilities in Seoul, Korea and Europe.

We strive to reduce product losses through evaporation and maintain product quality with:

Geodesic Dome Roofs
Full Contact Aluminium Internal Floating Roofs
Pontoon Type Aluminium Internal Floating Roofs
Stainless Steel Internal Floating Roofs
Floating Roof Seal Systems, single-double-triple seals
Floating Suction Lines
Floating Roof Drain Systems
Gauge Pole Covers, Leg seals, Special Seal Solutions, a.s.o.

Especially for the storage of bio-fuels like bioethanol or biodiesel, it is of prime importance to make the right choice of materials used. Together with you, ELSONT carries out all regulatory requirements and gears your tank up for the demands of the future.


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