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About us.

Smartflow is a SaaS solution to model, prepare, execute and analyze inspection checklists. Inspectors in the field use Smartflow’s mobile app to efficiently execute workflows and capture data shared with internal and external stakeholders in real-time and via advanced reporting.

Smatflow is continually developing out-of-the-box solutions such as the digital ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals.) With our digital ISGOTT solution, terminals and ports can digitalize the ship pre-arrival checks for the terminal, the ship/shore checklists, the summary of repetitive checks, and many more. Terminals use the digital ISGOTT solution to standardize their loading and discharging operations ensuring the smooth arrival of oil tankers and reducing ship/shore documentation while focusing on the ultimate goal of safety and environmental protection.

The Smartflow team has also developed digital ATEX inspection templates ready to use, helping field inspectors complete their inspections in one visit to the worksite with zero errors.

Terminals use Smartflow to create an improved work experience that allows inspectors to have instant access to the checks that have been carried out before, get a clear overview of what important matters emerged from those checks, and enable them to work faster, cleaner and safer.

Terminals gain the ability to make inspections and checks specific to the context the inspector is in. This creates a dynamic inspection model that collects the right data and supports the inspector in collecting it in the most efficient way.

Terminals get the ability to report collected structured data
quickly and in a variety of ways. From generating pdf reports to populating BI dashboards.

With Smartflow, terminals have the freedom to roll out existing templates from other terminals (operator rounds, permit inspections, asset handover forms, punch lists, tank inspections) or build/create their own templates.

On top of the standardized checklists that are ready to use in our library, new customers can fully configure their workflows to improve collaboration between all users and roles.

Smartflow delivers intuitive processes & workflows customizable for each terminal, so terminals can track their data in real-time, reducing all possibilities of errors or miscommunication.

Smartflow can improve the whole global template as dictated by headquarters, at the same time, offer extra functionality locally to allow a terminal to do something new that could not have been done before. The software allows terminals to test a feature before it is deployed to all other terminals or approved for regional deployment only. The expertise of Smartflow’s solution lies in the standardization of global demands. However, the personalization of templates for both local and global needs has become a strong requirement in the last couple of years.

The Smartflow SaaS solution supports digitalization and standardization from daily operations to complex terminal operations. It takes the pressure off IT teams frequently pushed to build business applications and automate processes. The legacy created by large companies might slow down the adoption of new tools, fearing that the framework that has been created at a global scale might get too disrupted.

By digitalizing daily operational checks, ATEX inspections, ship/shore documentation terminals accelerate the execution and the compliance of inspections, permits, and work orders. Smartflow maintains the highest security and quality standards, reducing operations risks and collecting real-time insights from the generated data.


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