The Cla-Val model 40-36 rate of Flow and Fuel Shut Off Check Valve is a hydraulically operated, pilot controlled, diaphragm actuated control valve that limits flow to a preselected maximum rate, regardless of changing line pressure. The pilot control responds to the differential pressure produced across an orifice plate installed downstream of the valve. Accurate control is assured as very small changes in the controlling differential pressure produce immediate corrective action of the main valve. The orifice bore is factory sized based on flow rate to ensure proper control valve performance. Flow rate adjustments can be made by turning an adjusting screw on the pilot control. The fuel shut off feature closes the main valve when remote pressure from a Cla-Val Model CFF18T-H2 or CFF21-H2 flanged float control is admitted into the cover of an auxiliary Hytrol. The integrated chack feature protects upstream equipment like filter separators by admitting downstream pressure into the main valve cover chamber, closing the main valve upon pressure reversal.

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