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*AWARD WINNER* Overfill Prevention Controller EUS-2

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Tank Storage Award Winner 2017 in the category “Most Invaluable Product”.

• Monitors bottom loading of liquid fuels in the petrochemical industry:
– Overfill prevention
– Grounding control
– Vapour recovery hose
• Immediate interruption of the filling when the maximum permissible level is exceeded or a proper electrostatic grounding is not detected
• Automatic recognition of the connected tank truck according to European standard EN 13922 and American standard API RP 1004
• Explosion protection for worldwide use according to IECEx and the European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU as well as Russian TR-CU and Indian CCOE/PESO approval
• Complete compatibility – independent from the sensor manufacturer – with all 5-wire, 2-wire or other sensors according to EN 13922
• Monitoring of tank trucks with up to 12 compartments
• Complies with the technical annex of the VOC Directive 94/63/EG