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Considered as an emergency repair, STOPKiT® VESSEL is a stop leak solution for pressure vessel and tank. It is the most efficient repair system applicable under pressure. This unique and revolutionary concept, patented by 3X ENGINEERING (3X), allows to fix high pressure leaks by tightening. Installation can be done without shutting down the line pressure.

The tank/ pressure vessel surface must be without sharp edges, but the system can be applied on irregularity like welding wire or corrosion cankers, so it’s the best system to repair damaged and leaking tank/ pressure vessel.

This product has a large range of performance: it can stop a leak up to 30 bars on pressure vessels and tanks operating up to +80°C, from 1.5m to 3.5m diameters in onshore and offshore environments.

Main features and benefits:
– Emergency repair system for tank, pressure vessel and column (any designs: horizontal or vertical)
– Online sealing (no shutdown or depressurization required)
– Temporary system (for long-term solution, refer to REINFORCEKiT® PATCH product)
– Large range of performance (can stop a leak up to 30 bars on pressure vessels operating up to +80°C, from 1.5m to 3.5m diameters in onshore and offshore environments)
– Chemical resistant: elastomeric patch compatible with a wide range of chemical fluids
– Ready to use (the packaging includes all required tools)
– Reusable (delivered with 5 additional patches)
– Fast installation by trained and certified applicators

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