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After several years of successful exhibiting, CEA Systems will once again exhibit at StocExpo on March 10 – 12. StocExpo prides itself on bringing together the tank storage community and being a part of the future of the bulk liquid storage industry. Since CEA Systems provides software and services to virtualize, visualize and secure technical asset data in the process industry, StocExpo is truly the place to be for this innovative software company. CEA Systems has its headquarters located near Rotterdam, where StocExpo will be taking place this year, at the hub of many tank storage facilities in Rotterdam Harbour.

CEA Systems has been in business for many years and has had a focus on asset owners within the process industry. This includes, but not limits to, those working in tank storage, waterway, food & beverage and even pharmaceuticals. Any industry where assets are used to produce, store or maintain products can be customers of CEA Systems.

This software company sells a solution, Plant4D, which offers customers a clear line of sight of their asset data. This data-centric software solution aligns different moments in time and creates a true digital twin over time. Instead of different departments all managing their views and versions of data, they can all access the exact same datasheet, virtualized in a CAD environment as visual interface. Having one central location for all data breaks down departmental silos and offers organizations one single source of truth, ensuring all data is always complete, validated and up to date. This is an important tool to have to keep up with the growing and rapidly changing market trends within the process industry.

With the increase of new innovations that produce asset data, there are not that many innovations created to specifically manage this or turn this data into useful information. Within Industry 4.0, there is already a high probability that the existing asset management software solutions will improve and add more relevant features to make managing asset data as easy as possible. This is important for those within the process industry specially to make reliable and faster decisions.

This is where CEA Systems adds tremendous value. CEA Systems helps improve the communication and integration of asset data created and obtained within the different departments of an organization. This new integration will create an easier and smoother way to manage all asset data. These innovations include cloud scanning, artificial intelligence, etc. Fortunately, Plant4D works well together with other maintenance and ERP software, resulting in vertical integration in any organization.

The future is more connected, and CEA Systems will help provide that for their customers. This will especially be useful for those working on updating and maintaining their assets within a brownfield or even a greenfield project. Plant4D will ensure that all asset data is updated and maintained, and that all data uploaded within the software solution matches its as-built model on site.

Take a quick look at CEA Systems’ asset management software solution at StocExpo at stand E14. Staff will be eager to show you their revolutionizing solution to manage your asset data. While you are visiting StocExpo, Witte de Withstraat is the most obvious place to go to. This street is filled with an array of cafes, restaurants and bars that you cannot miss. The place has a nice mix of locals and expats alike and the place is rarely ever empty. If you are both a foodie and a social butterfly, this could be one of the best places in Rotterdam for you to go to.

For more information, visit www.ceasystems.com

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