Quarantine Diaries with Sophie McKimm

Sophie McKimm shares her life under lockdown in the UK. Sophie is the new Event Manager for the Tank Storage Portfolio.

What are your top tips for staying home?

Routine. I get my energy from people and always surround myself with friends, family, colleagues, industry friends, so lockdown have proved quite a challenge for me. I find my better days are when I get up early, exercise in the morning, plan my day and make sure I make time for vitamin D half way through the day… often easier said than done!

How are you helping the community?

There are so many local heroes out there doing great things and that is not me. The children who live on my street have organised a box to be delivered weekly to the local foodbank so I contribute to this. It’s a really lovely idea and a easy way to help the community.

Are you doing any exercise?

I have always exercised regularly as it helps me to relax and wind down after busy days. Not being able to go to the gym or yoga classes has meant I have forced myself to run outside, which surprisingly I’m really enjoying as I’m discovering beautiful areas near my home that I had no idea were there.

What have you been baking?

Mmmm I haven’t… I seem to burn microwave popcorn- baking is not my forte!

What are you currently watching?

I can’t sit still long enough for a film at home- I’ve been listening to lots more podcasts – From favs of The High Low, to Serial I am now a podcast junkie.

What are you reading?

Book one of Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy- it’s a page turner!!

What are you most looking forward to?

Getting back onsite to run a physical event, hugging my mum and dad! And sitting in a pub garden with friends…

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