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There was a lot to see in the iTanks Innovation Zone at this year’s StocExpo
Rotterdam in March. Together with a group of partners from the iTanks network, the zone was packed with novelties for the tank storage industry. For those who could not come to the innovation zone, here is a recap of what you missed:

iTANKS is a knowledge and innovation platform for the portrelated industry, an industry with a high innovation potential. The platform connects companies, knowledge institutes and industry experts with each other and introduces these parties with new technology and the latest innovations from within and also outside the sector. iTanks has its roots in the tank storage industry. Over the last eight years, the network expanded to over 140 partners and many more contacts. The goal for the organisation is to help companies to innovate and to do so iTanks connects them, shows novelties and helps to start, finish and sometime finance projects. At this year’s Stocexpo iTanks hosted
the Innovation Zone, where a group of partners displayed their innovations:

Antea Group showed Antea Group Insights (AGI). This is a geo-informationbased asset management system that tracks the progress and results of (required) inspections, therefore tracking compliance to relevant safety regulations. AGI connects each asset with relevant surveys based on the specific requirements for that asset. The surveyor inspects the assets using a mobile device. Data is visualised in an interactive dashboard, where the status of inspections, assets and subsequent defects is visualized in real time. AGI is brought to you by Antea Group and ESRI Nederland.

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services showed their patented H-frame tank scaffolding system, which is perfectly suited for work on tank walls. The slim 0.73m wide scaffold can be quickly and above all safely built around any tank regardless of diameter. The lightweight parts in combination with the safe assembly method provide a significant improvement in the erection and dismantling time, up to twice as fast compared to conventional systems.

eWorks promoted safe work environments through innovative learning solutions at the innovation zone. The company continuously raises the bar in
safety culture by improving knowledge, awareness and behaviour. For that, their products consist of e-learning, quizzes, tests and a new and improved Safety App. At StocExpo they showed that their innovative tools are customizable to the client’s requirements and foster optimal employee engagement.

Gemba delivers complete IOT solutions and Asset & Service Management system implementation. At the Innovation Zone they shared their best practice for Dana Petroleum. This is an oil and gas in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Dana’s goal was to have ownership and control of the Work Management System and no longer be dependent on the external service provider’s processes. The company was looking to standardise an enterprise-wide
system across its business locations. Gemba helped Dana in getting the right information to the right people at the right time to make and implement decisions to drive safety and reliability for Dana’s
assets was paramount.

ITIS-Tanktesters developed an innovative test method for determining opening set-pressures and inspecting ERV and PVRV valves, according PGS 29 directive which they showed at the innovation zone. This procedure makes it possible to test these valves on the tank during operation. It goes without saying that this method entails enormous cost savings compared to current used methods. This implies that lead time and safety risks can be greatly reduced and mobile cranes are no longer needed in the plant.

Qlayers showed how to make storage tank coating processes more efficient, consistent, environmentally-friendly and safe. Its robot moves vertically along the outer surface of a tank with consistent speed, coating the tank in a smooth
and fast way without any overspray. In addition, the robot performs automated quality control on every position of the tank, resulting in consistent performance that allows to predict degradation better.

Roodhart Group, a rotating equipment supplier, promoted its experience and expertise in the supply and maintenance of industrial and marine pumps, mechanical seals. Its double balanced mechanical seals together with 53B sealing systems ensure an environmentally safe and reliable operation. Roodhart also noted that its team of experts is available 24/7 to provide fast, efficient tailor-made solutions to minimize operational downtime. Roodhart is IECEx03 (ATEX), ISO, VCA certified and Achilles compliant.

Smartflow showed its No & Low Code platform which is aimed at creating mobile solutions for the oil, gas & petrochemical industry. This allows
users to digitize critical processes and workflows in the areas of inspection, maintenance and safety. Examples of such workflows are operator rounds, punch lists, and ATEX inspections. The platform already has several customers that are satisfied with increased efficiency, cost savings, and increased control over their workflow and data. 

Widget Brain exhibited how they can automate your maintenance scheduling. They offer AI driven automation to maximise machine performance, uptime, compliance and safety within your budget and time constraints. To do so, they digitise the customers machine knowledge by linking data patterns to the root cause of machine faults, diagnose faults in real-time and predict RUL to automate decision making on what has to be done when and where. The services are directly plugged into your EAM systems to support easy integration and designed for scale to maintain accuracy and quality of schedules.

Yokogawa presented its new integrated IIoT ecosystem ‘JOIN . This is an open, collaborative IIoT platform that offers a complete value chain from consultancy, data collection, connectivity, cloud, predictions and dashboards; offering
a complete solution for predictive maintenance. Achieving co-innovations
in major ports. This is Yokogawa’s approach to developing the tank terminal of the future. The tank storage industry may be a characterised as a conservative industry. However, the iTanks Innovation Zone at StocExpo Rotterdam was packed with new ideas and new tools and technologies. Most of these are proven technologies ready to be used for safer, more efficient and more durable assets. 

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