Cristina Garcia Martinez

First of all, I’m an electronic engineer. I never thought to get into this field back when I was studying in the university. But during that time, my Dad started the company and was doing some small maintenance projects on tanks and though I always steered away from the family business I got curious on one of my summer vacations. Seeing him waking up at 3-4am every day to drive for hours to the job site and then back at night  all tired and tanned from the sun, that was something new for me.

The family business used to be more office based, not something outdoorsy. So I asked him out of curiosity and he told me I could tag along if I wanted. He would get me a pass to the facilities and I could go and see what it was all about. And I was hooked right there, that summer 20 years ago. After that, every vacation or free time I got I would spent it with him, and helping him as much as I could while learning all about the job.

When I graduated, I never thought about getting a job on my field, I went straight to the tank company and never looked back. So when you ask me what inspired me, well, my dad did. His will and his resilience though he was in a new field, he never stopped, not even now that he should be retired. 

What I enjoy on this field is to overcome difficulties. To be side by side with big companies and be able to compete on their level. To have my company being recognized as a competitor to the traditional ones and that they can see me as equal. 

That my main client’s general emails to their contractors start with the phrase “ Dear Lady and Gentlemen,” kind of shows their recognition, but also that few women are involved in this field. I’m the only one in this island, btw… So inspiring more women to take a tough job like this and letting them know they’re as capable as anyone, would be a good mission for me from now on.

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