Elodie Zausa

I am responsible for business development for GEOSEL, one of the largest underground storage company in Europe, for crude oil and refine products.

My educational background is probably a “classic” in that industry. I attended a French engineering school (Centrale Marseille) and then I completed my academic training with a PhD in Chemistry. At that period of my life I already knew that I wanted to work in the petrol industry.

Why that industry and not the pharmaceutical industry, not the food industry, etc.? I didn’t really know. I was more attracted by crude oil, refineries and tanks than clean rooms and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Today I can clearly say that I am very glad and proud to have done this choice! There is so much to do, to innovate, to change in a context of energy transition. Our sector is even more challenged. We know that if we do not evolve, adapt our industry to these future energies we won’t survive, as happened to the dinosaurs, but the time scale will be faster.

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