Quick Fire round with Alec Keeler, Carbis Loadtec

How long have you been in the bulk liquid storage industry? 

As a company 2021 will be our 24th year.  Personally this will be my 40th year.

Biggest change you have seen in the bulk liquid storage industry at this time? 

Increased focus on safety for operators and prevention of falls from height.  The industry has cleaned up its sites and attention to housekeeping. 

Best part of your role?

Meeting new people and old friends, made through this industry, going back many years. 

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations

Meeting the varied needs of clients in a wide range of industries and environments.

Most challenging part of your role?

Right now?  Not being able to jump on a plane and fly wherever I’m needed.  The best part of my job has been the ability to meet customers in their environments and fully appreciate the challenges they face.  Teams etc have been amazingly well adopted in such a brief time, which has helped.  That said, we have been increasing our visits recently and I’m sure a new normal will establish itself soon.

Favourite country to travel to for work?

Haha!  The “painting oneself into a corner” question.  Everywhere is an adventure. Everywhere has its good and bad aspect.  After 40 years of discovering this planet, I never tire of new places and have a very small list of places I’d prefer not to go back to.

What advice would you give your 21 year old self?

You think you know it all. You don’t. You never will.  But you will learn every day if you want to.  Enjoy other people.  Listen to them.

Best tip for coping during this time?

Pinot Noir, Netflix, Amazon, the garden, family (order of preference may vary depending on time of day).

When all reopens which Bar/Restaurant are you most looking forward to visiting in Antwerp?

Het Pomphuis on a sunny day

Most looking forward to at StocExpo 2021?

Normality.  Failing that, a sensible adaptation to the new normality.  Crowded aisles. Positivity. Wearing a suit again.

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