Xiling “Tess” Zhou

“I “discovered” the tank storage industry by chance. After living and working in the United States for 16 years, UK for 2 years, I moved to Belgium around 10 years ago. Before Belgium, I spent my professional career mainly in international technology companies, where I enjoyed immensely working with cross functional teams of all genders, nationalities and expertise across the globe.

In 2015 I was introduced to LBC Tank Terminals, a global independent operator of bulk liquid storage facilities for petrochemicals, petroleum products and base oil products. I was immediately attracted to the company because of its people, leadership and its global network of terminals and assets. Between 2015 and August 2020, I served as the company’s Group Director of Global Project Control, overseeing the governance of large (expansion) project portfolio in Europe, US and China. Starting this September, I have transitioned into M&A integration service and management consulting, where I continue to serve clients in the industry.

I was intrigued by the industry quite early on in my tenure in LBCTT. Tank storage industry is an important component of global supply chain. It is also an industry in transformation, in the context of energy transition and industrial 4.0. I have been very lucky to have met amazing people, and amazing women all over the world during my work with LBCTT. I strongly believe that diversity is critically important to all transformations, as diversity is conducive to innovation, and changing the way we lead people and business. Therefore, women are and will be playing an increasingly important role in this traditionally very male dominated industry.”

Tess Zhou

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