Quick Fire round with Borsig GmbH

How long have you been in the bulk liquid storage industry?

Our experience with bulk liquid storage started in second half of the 80’s. That is focused on our VRU activity only.

Biggest change you have seen in the bulk liquid storage industry at this time?

  • Highest flexibility for products is needed
  • Product specification are continuously changing from leaded to unleaded, additive changes, change in diesel gasoline ratio
  • Performance requirements in term of emission limit are getting more and more stringent

Best part of your role?
We feel we are consulted widely to learn from our expertise and because of continuity in our support

Most challenging part of your role?
To continuously adapt ourselves to the market changes

Favourite country to travel with for work?
We do not really have one. Of Course Europe is convenient due to mentality and conditions and technical understanding. Every country is interesting and it is challenging to be successful everywhere.

What advice would you give your 21-year-old self?
Change nothing. We work in an interesting sector of energy supply and working in an environmental area is a challenge you can identify yourself with

Best tip for coping during this time?
Recognize what is essential and what is not and do your best in your area

When all reopens which Bar/Restaurant are you most looking forward to visiting in Antwerp?
Het pumphuis

Most looking forward to at StocExpo 2021?
Hopefully situation gets safer & we can see you all again soon.


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