Caitlin Geisinger

Hi! I’m Caitlin Geisinger and I work as a business development manager focusing on storage and logistics for oil, gas, and chemical clients worldwide. I work for Burns & McDonnell Engineering, a full-service engineering procurement, and construction firm. I am a firm believer in spending time in the ‘trenches’ as a young professional as it seems nowadays that everyone is so concerned with up the ladder as quickly as possible. It’s important to spend time down in the ‘weeds’ and really understand the business you work for and the industry you are in. This helps amplify the value you bring and enhances the importance that women do have in the industry.

For example, when I was a young engineer first starting out in the industry I was offered the opportunity to go work on a construction project on large propane and butane export facility. During this project, I spent time in the field with my hard hat and boots on getting to see a storage terminal get built, commissioned, and come to life. Doing this taught me more than I had learned in the previous three years working a more glamorous office job. So again, whatever your trenches are don’t be afraid to spend time down in them. You gain a ton of knowledge, experience, and respect which in the end you become an invaluable asset to our industry.”

Caitlin Geisinger

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