Honeywell And EnLink Midstream Will Collaborate To Deliver Carbon Capture Solution

  • Carbon capture solution targets industrial-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters along the Louisiana Gulf Coast
  • Proven Honeywell carbon capture technology complements EnLink’s extensive pipeline infrastructure and projected sequestration connections to provide full service, capital-efficient service offerings
  • Honeywell will conduct a feasibility study for a potential retrofit of existing assets at its Louisiana facilities, including a carbon capture solution and EnLink’s transportation and sequestration solution

Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) and EnLink Midstream, LLC (NYSE: ENLC) today announced they will work together to deliver carbon capture solutions to industrial-scale carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters within the U.S. Gulf Coast area.

The Honeywell and EnLink relationship will focus on the Mississippi River corridor from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, an area that has many large, concentrated sources of industrial CO2 emissions. The companies will jointly market Honeywell’s broad range of ready-now technologies in COcapture, Honeywell’s hydrogen purification technologies for lower-carbon hydrogen production, and EnLink’s planned CO2 pipeline transportation network. The offering will be cost-efficient and is expected to significantly reduce further environmental impacts compared to deploying the offering utilizing new pipeline construction.

With more than 50 years of experience in gas processing, Honeywell has extensive experience with proven carbon capture and hydrogen technologies. Honeywell’s new advanced solvent CO2 capture and hydrogen solutions allow for CO2 to be captured, transported, and stored at a lower cost through greater efficiency, while allowing for smaller equipment and lower capital operational expenses needed to run the plant compared to existing technologies1.

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