IIR Energy grants Kpler access to refinery data

Kpler has entered into an exclusive partnership with IIR Energy, a leading global provider of refinery data.

Through the partnership, Kpler obtains the exclusive right to combine IIR Energy’s refinery data with its own flows and inventories data, to create a new benchmark for crude and refined product market analysis.

The rationale behind the partnership is to fill the existing void in the market for reliable, asset-level data that cover the global crude and refined products markets from end to end. By combining IIR’s refinery data with its existing offering, Kpler will bring unparalleled coverage over crude and refined products’ trade value chains, to the benefit of thousands of industry professionals. This partnership will allow Kpler to bolster its product portfolio by releasing new refinery-focused products in the coming months.

Franc¸ois Cazor, Co-Founder and CEO of Kpler, said: “IIR Energy’s decades of experience in the industry and best-in-class refinery data will play a vital part in helping Kpler set a new benchmark for crude and refined products market analysis. This partnership will let our clients gain a deeper understanding of market supply and demand, while furthering Kpler’s mission to facilitate efficient and sustainable trade within physical commodities, energy transition, and adjacent markets.”

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Source: hydrocarbonengineering.com

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