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UK Government announces shortlisted hydrogen, CCUS and ICC projects

Following the selection of Hynet and East Coast Cluster as Track 1 CCUS clusters in November 2021, the UK Government has selected the power CCUS, industrial carbon capture (ICC), waste and CCUS-enabled hydrogen projects to proceed to the due diligence stage of the Phase 2 Cluster Sequencing process.

The 20 projects represent a range of innovative CCUS technologies that have the potential to:

  • accelerate decarbonisation ambitions.
  • realise economic benefits in the North West, North Wales, Teesside and Humber regions.
  • kickstart the hydrogen economy.
  • put the UK on a path to decarbonising power systems by 2035, while maintaining security of supply.

This shortlist does not imply availability of funding for any or all of the shortlisted projects, but is purely the outcome of assessment against the Phase 2 criteria.

The government will share further information on Track 2 in due course.

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Source: hydrocarbonengineering.com

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