The future of LNG Storage

Edward Chen from GTT tells Tank Storage Magazine about the company’s GST LNG tanks and winning the Global Tank Storage Award for Environmental Performance.

The gold Global Tank Storage Award for Environmental Performance is awarded ‘to the product or technology that serves to protect the environment and/or reduce emissions at the terminal.’ In 2022, this award went to the GST membrane full containment system dedicated to onshore cryogenic storage developed by Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT).

‘It is a great honour for GTT and GST membrane full containment technology to be recognised and accepted by prestigious judges from the likes of Shell, BP, Vopak and Ineos in the LNG industry. Winning the gold also encourages GTT to continue optimisation of our technology offering industry a more environmentally friendly, competitive and attractive solution in terms of cryogenic storage tanks,’ says GTT’s business development manager Edward Chen.


GTT developed GST technology for onshore cryogenic storage. The GST membrane full containment system consists of a corrugated stainless steel membrane (304L) with a thickness of 1.2 mm, which serves as the primary membrane. The double network of corrugation absorbs the thermal contractions in both directions from the low temperature LNG, making it resistant to thermal loads. This primary membrane is made from prefabricated membrane sheets, which are welded onto the insulating panels and lap-welded over each other. The insulating panels can be tailored to a customer’s needs for boil-off rates, which is typically 0.05% per day.


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