23 – 25 May 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

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Cla-Val offers turnkey solutions for terminals, bulk storages and airports, including a complete range of fuel system control valves and ground fuelling equipment. In fuelling systems, each of our fuelling control valves performs a unique function in the system including flow limiting, surge protection, fuel shut-off, level control, back pressure control, pressure reducing.
Cla-Val valves, nozzles, couplers and accessories play a vital role in commercial and military fuelling applications throughout the world.

Highlighted product

CLA-VAL CFC2T : Float Control For Closed Tanks with X75A Float Tester Assembly

The Cla-Val Model CFC2 Float Control is a float-actuated, multi-port pilot control which provides non-modulating, two-position, on-off operation. It is used primarily to operate remotely located Cla-Val Valves requiring three-way or four-way pilot valve operation. Designed for use in closed tanks, this control operates on a minimum level change of approximately one inch. Maximum level change of five and one-half inches is needed for full capacity.

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