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CLIIN Robotics

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CLIIN Robotics develops, manufactures, and sells versatile magnetic crawlers with the aim to enable efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly operations, mainly within heavy industries.

We create innovative, durable, and easy-to-use solutions in our own development space and through co-development with end users across industries who use the versatile crawler as a platform to bring big ideas to new heights. Using strong magnets, the versatile crawler can access high, often inaccessible areas on steel surfaces of oil tanks, ship cargo holds, ship hulls, wind turbines, and more.

CLIIN Robotics provides complete chemical-free solutions for cargo hold cleaning and storage tank cleaning while working with end users to develop other industry-specific solutions to combine with our versatile magnetic crawler.
CLIIN Robotics’ solutions reduce the manpower needed for inspection, cleaning, and ship end-of-life operations while ensuring a safer work environment by eliminating work at heights and chemical exposure.


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