About us.

Our vision at iSensPro is to lead globally in the creation of sensor-generated data and analysis systems for the process industry to support increased peace of mind to its industrial colleagues by decreasing risk, costs, and environmental impact.
Corrosion associated yearly cost are estimated at ~€1.000 – 4.000 billion (worldwide), but better corrosion under insulation inspection can yield a worldwide yearly saving of ~€100 billion.

iSensPro helps you capture a piece of these savings through its corrosion under insulation (CUI) sensor, a monitoring device that predicts the start and progress of CUI on new and existing static equipment systems (pipes, tanks or valves) through battery-powered sensors.
Innovative and patented, the iSensPro sensor systems detect and analyse the condition of insulated static equipment to protect your assets, your budget and your employees.
Easy to install and easy to live with, our unique technology monitors asset segments 360° without the disruptions of conventional inspection methods (existing insulation is neither removed nor punctured). Our intrinsically safe sensor is developed to comply with the European ATEX-regulation for usage in the most stringent explosive zones
Our sensor’s measurements are 24/7 and real time without the additional associated costs (e.g., scaffolding, plant access, administration,…) enabling the in-depth data analysis that accurates maintenance planning demands. For this, iSensPro uses remote, low-energy, wireless data harvest using LoRa. More frequent monitoring without the associated costs, enables more effective asset and personnel management, efficient team deployment to other priorities, anticipation and execution of the right level of maintenance.
iSensPro sensors empower asset managers to mitigate risks by developing plans based on real data rather than predictive risk models. It also significantly reduces direct & indirect costs such as energy losses, scaffolding, insulation removal, production downtime, facility shutdown,…
Cost reduction can be as high as 90% on certain cost buckets, depending on the company’s maintenance strategy and operational processes.

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Job adverts.

Data scientist

Translating data from our CUI-sensors into valuable information for inspection and maintenance people inside the process industry is the challenge of this job. The main tasks will be the development of algorithms to interpret the continuous flow of data with the use of artificial intelligence and with the inputs from our research projects and pilot projects. Close collaboration with our customers to understand their needs and obtain their inputs will be part of the job.
We are looking for a person with a background on data-analytics, artificial intelligence and algorithms development.
If your greatest motivators in life are inventing solutions, improving people’s lives, pushing the technological envelope and you enjoy working in an extremely collaborative, positive environment, let’s get acquainted.


HW and SW engineer

We are constantly developing new sensors and features for our monitoring technology. So, we are looking for people who are driven by the creation process of new products. Bringing hardware and software together to translate the requirements of our customers into new product and services will be your main task under the supervision of our CTO. This goes together with setting up and evaluating tests procedures to validate the work of yourself and of the team you will be part of. Work at the site of our customers is part of the job to evaluate customers needs and improve our products.
If you are a creative mind able to work individually to find the best solutions for technical and functional requirements and if you become excited to grow a start up company, you are definitely welcome in our entrepreneurial team.


Technical sales

If you are interested to sale a new product from a start up company to the process industry in the Benelux then you should take contact with us. We are looking for an enthusiastic person with interest in technical products and with a listening ear to translate the needs of our customers in great offers and to turn them into real projects by persuading the customer of the value. The person will build up a long term customer relationship within the industry, will make technical sales presentations and demonstrations, can persuade customers, participates in marketing actions, gives after sales support and technical trainings and provides feedback to the development and product management team. The person is willing to travel (initially Benelux but grows with the market) and speaks Dutch, English and preferably also French.


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