Report released on the Alaska LNG Project

In a new report, the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) detailed the significant environmental and climate benefits achieved by developing the Alaska LNG Project, which will utilise North Slope natural gas to replace high-emissions coal in heavily polluted Asian markets and substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy said, “Alaska has some of the world’s strictest environmental laws, and Alaska natural gas should be a key component of any realistic energy roadmap to a cleaner climate. This report documents the substantial climate benefits that clean-burning Alaska natural gas has for our environment here at home and around the world.”

AGDC President Frank Richards added, “The world is increasingly focused on the climate impact of new high-volume, reliable energy projects. This timely assessment uses respected and transparent methodologies to quantify the value of replacing high-emissions energy sources in foreign markets with low-emissions Alaska LNG. The justification for Alaska LNG is compelling.”

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