Didier Wesoly.

Business Development, Geostock Green Storage

Geostock is an engineering company specialized in underground storage of energy, dealing with all storage technics (mined cavern, leached salt cavern, depleted field and aquifer) and all products (liquid, liquified or gaseous hydrocarbons, compressed air, hydrogen, CO2…)

Didier joined Geostock in 2005 and spent most of his time on the operation side, working both on terminals operated by Geostock in France and in Singapore as a Technical Manager, and on the management of contracts for assistance to operation.
Since the beginning of 2020, Didier has been in charge of the business development for the carbon free energy storage, which includes hydrogen storage and compressed air storage.

Prior to joining Geostock, Didier worked in the exploration/production field for Total and Perenco, and his background is mechanical engineering, also holding an executive MBA.

Didier Wesoly