23 – 25 May 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Manoj Matthew.

Vice-President, Cognizant

Manoj Mathew is a Vice-President at Cognizant, responsible for the Industry 4.0 business. His primary responsibility is in the manufacturing, automotive, logistics, mining and life sciences markets. He has over 25 years of experience defining and delivering business transformation, and product development for mission-critical applications such as offshore energy, connected car solutions, industrial asset monitoring, maritime operations and smart infrastructure.

He has been with Cognizant since 2012 in various leadership roles in strategy consulting, acquisitions and engineering services. Manoj’s current focus is on rethinking product lifecycle around sustainable solutions — and helping manufacturers leverage ever-increasing pools of sensor data, live telemetry and data science. He has a degree in Electrical engineering and is based out of The Hague, in The Netherlands. He can be reached at m.mathew@cognizant.com

Manoj Matthew