Crucial breakthrough in hydrogen energy generation, storage and transportation announced

Renewable energy company – EPRO Advance Technology (EAT) – has today announced a breakthrough in green hydrogen energy generation and energy storage, revealing what is believed to be the easiest and lowest cost way to deliver hydrogen that the world has seen.

This revolutionary process has the potential to kick start the hydrogen economy, bringing it forward by decades, transforming hydrogen from the fuel of the future to the fuel of tomorrow.

EAT has developed a ground-breaking porous silicon material – called Si+ – which can generate, on demand, ultra-pure hydrogen from a water source. Si+ can also act as a solid-state hydrogen generating material which is compact, robust and easily transportable.

It has the potential to solve the significant challenges of the storage, safe handling and transportation of hydrogen, long-standing inhibitors of the growth of the hydrogen economy.

As a guaranteed source of safe, on-demand energy, Si+ has multiple uses. It can facilitate the phasing out of expensive and polluting backup diesel generator sets – known as “gensets.”

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